4 Shows To Binge Over The Holidays Before They Are Removed From Netflix

Every once in a while, shows get taken down from Netflix. And if there’s one that you have been meaning to watch for a while, that can really hurt. So, we’re here with a list of shows that won’t make it past the first month of 2021. For your viewing pleasure over the Christmas holidays.

The Tudors

Before Game of Thrones, this show gave us our weekly dose of suspense-filled royal backstabbing (although a less literal backstabbing in this case). You can still binge all 38 episodes of the history of King Henry VIII before the show leaves Netflix in January.

Gossip Girl

Speaking of betrayal, no show dramatizes it like the high school kingdom in Gossip Girl. Always a fun watch if you’re missing Joe from You.

The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman

And in case you’re looking for something will stimulate your mind, this is a great show to watch. The documentary series follows cultures from all around the world … ooh and it’s narrated by Morgan Freeman.

The Office

Every fan of the office ever will tell you that this show is one of the best that has ever been made. We don’t know if we agree with that but it’s definitely worth a watch before it leaves Netflix next month.

Source: Screenrant.com


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