Ghanaian Peace Adzo Medie’s Novel ‘His Only Wife’ To Be Turned Into A Hollywood Classic

Peace Adzo Medie

Months after Ghanaian, Peace Adzo Medie’s novel “His Only Wife” was chosen by Reese Witherspoon for her book club, a production company based in Hollywood has secured the rights to turn the book into a movie.

His Only Wife tells the empowering story of a young seamstress in Ghana whose life is transformed when she accepts a marriage proposal from the wealthy family of a man she barely knows. She relocates to the capital city of Accra and soon discovers her marriage is not the charmed and happy partnership she’d dreamed of. But as she begins to explore the city, she finds a new independence she never before imagined for herself, according to Deadline.

The book has been picked up by SK Global and The Mazur Kaplan Company, the production team behind the successful 2018 movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

The book was published in September by Algonquin Books. It is a New York Times 2020 Notable Book of the Year and a Time Magazine Must-Read Book of 2020.

As Peace joins the long list of authors whose books have been turned into Hollywood classics, it is worthy to note that she comes from a background which is far from Hollywood.

For starters, she is not just an author, she is also a senior lecturer in gender and international politics at the University of Bristol in England.

She was once a student of the University of Ghana reading Bachelor of Arts in Geography, later became a research fellow at the university.

She holds a PhD in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States of America.

She is an accomplished author with several published short stories to her credit.

This year, the Oxford University Press has published her book “Global Norms and Local Action: The Campaigns to End Violence Against Women in Africa.”

Though she is a Ghanaian, Peace was born in Liberia and now she is rubbing shoulders with all the traditionally known successful authors.


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