Get This Keyboard App And Type In Any Ghanaian Language

Logo for GhanaKey Keyboard App

We all know that the joke isn’t going to slap the same if you translate it from Twi to English. Honestly, our Ghanaian languages are so damn hilarious. And sometimes, you end up wanting to send a text message or a tweet in your local language. However, it becomes so stressful because you have to use three and brackets to get the lettering right, and then when you’re finished it still looks weird as hell.

That’s where GhanaKey comes in. It’s a pretty small app so it won’t take much space on your phone. And of course, it comes with all the characters that you will need to type in any Ghanaian language. That aside, it also has some pretty decent features. You can split the keyboard in case you’re on a really big screen, you have access to emoticons as well so that you can use them in any app and finally, you can customize the colour of your keyboard so it’s just right for you.

You can find GhanaKey on both android and ios.



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