4 Things You Should Never Say When DMing Someone For The First Time

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You keep seeing people’s stories on social media of how it started and how it’s going. They’re all so romantic and it seems like the only thing between you and a story like that is a DM. Slow down for a sec, before you go sending DMs to anyone, here are 5 things that you should avoid like Corona.

Just Sending A Solitary ‘Hi,’ ‘Hey’ Or ‘Hello’

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Okay, first of all, you can only put in that little effort when you know that she already likes you. At that point, you sending a DM is just a formality, anyway. However, if you’re intending to shoot your shot, this is way too lame a conversation starter. In fact, no conversations will be started.

Opening With ‘You Get Boy?’

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You do not want to start DMing someone this way because then you have already given them an out. They can just say ‘yes,’ and then what? You have played yourself. End of conversation.

Unoriginal Compliments

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Trust me, it is not revolutionary messaging strangers to tell them how beautiful they are. In fact, chances are that you are probably not the first person sending that exact message.


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Okay, negging is simply telling a girl something negative (like you’re so beautiful but your eyes are slightly far apart), so that you lower her confidence and she tries to win your approval. It’s emotionally manipulative when done right, and at worst it’s just flat out insulting. Don’t start DMs this way.

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