4 Things You HAVE To Do Before You Go To The University

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With admissions coming out for universities across the country, it’s an exciting time for people who are gearing up to go to school. However, there are some things that everyone should do before they officially start the university. Here’s our list.

Sleep, Bro. Sleep

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One of the things that you’re always going seem short on in the university is sleep. Your classes are going to scheduled at all hours, some of them even in the evening. And then classes aside, you are not going to be catching a lot of Zs if you’re the type to jump from one exciting thing to the next.

Learn How To Cook

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Have you already seen our guide for avoiding brokeness in the university? No? Here you go. Anyway, knowing how to cook at least rice, is an essential skill for surviving in university. Start learning right now and you might be able to make a stew by the time you have to check in.

Get Some New Clothes

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Everyone knows that new clothes make you feel confident. And when you’re starting university, you want to feel as confident as possible. It’s almost Christmas too … the perfect time to get some get some new threads.

Start Booking Roommates

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It’s a good time to start talking to your friends from high school. See which of them are planning to go to the same school that you are. That way you can plan to go to a hall together and you don’t have to become roommates with complete strangers.

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