Why You Need To Take A Break From Wearing Heels Every Now And Then

Heels can be a very sexy accessory and can switch a really basic look to a chic one without doing much. Some jobs require women to be in heels everyday which may be a problem after a while. Here are 4 reasons why you need to take a break from wearing heels everyday.

1. Back pains

When you wear heels, your body is forced to adopt an unnatural posture in just to compensate for the elevated foot position. If you continue doing this, you’ll develop lower back pains.

2. Existing foot or leg problems could become worse

Wearing high heels for too long can negatively affect your blood circulation and lead to developing varicose veins. This can result in swollen legs and ruptured veins. Your center of gravity changes when wearing high heels for prolonged periods which could put you body at risk for injury if you have weak ankles. 

3. Repeatedly wearing heels can actually wear away your foot’s natural cushioning

What ends up happening with overuse is the fat pad on bottom of the foot starts to become a lot thinner over time. When you don’t have a natural cushion anymore, you can get generalized pain on the bottom of the foot. This pain is called metatarsalgia.

4. Cosmetic problems for your feet

The pressure your toes experience being pressed forward can lead to hammer toes (when the toe becomes bent downward permanently), bunions (a swollen, bony bump that forms on the side of the big toe), and ingrown toenails.

If you wear heels often, you should massage your legs at the end of the day, try to alternate between flats and your heels, throw out heels that don’t fit any longer and choose wedges or platform heels since they’re much more comfortable.

Sources: self.com and doctorsklineandgreen.com

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