The Top 5 Songs On Amaarae’s “The Angel You Don’t Know” Album

Amaarae @amaarae

Amaarae’s The Angel You Don’t Know (TAYDK) is hands down one of my favourite albums that dropped this year and I’m unashamedly listening to most of the songs off the project every morning.

These are my Top 5 songs off the project and this time, I did not rank them because who would do that to a perfect album?

Trust Fund Baby

Listen, the audacity on this song impresses me every single time. You hear the way it starts and you’re thinking “okay, this is about to take me on a trip” …then the beat drops and Amaarae just slides in and, just when you’re getting used to her being brazenly “disrespectful” (no offence at all), the hook comes in again and that’s it.

The song just ends like it was a brief reflection intermission from the artiste so yeah…carry on with the album now.

Love it.


The first time I listened to the TAYDK project, it was Celine I couldn’t stop thinking about long after I was done. It’s my favourite song. There’s something about that choir effect in the chorus that just gets me every single time. It’s just my perfect song and I know this because I enjoyed it so much I didn’t notice there were two features on the song until after several listens.

That’s just how good everything complements each other.

Jumping Ship

It’s the Cruel Santino verse that does it for me every single time I listen to this song. It’s the way it feels like the beat is trying to catch up with him as he comfortably delivers his verse that makes me pause and restart the song every single time. I also love the way Kojey Radical’s voice in the hook makes it all sound so… textured.

Sad, U Broke My Heart

This song is such a jam for a song that’s titled “Sad, you broke my heart.” Amaarae finessed that Afrobeats fusion okay?! Even her lyrics were right on theme with the Afrobeats vibe and I appreciate that A LOT! I especially loved the buildup in the production and now, I find myself tentatively expecting the energy that comes and continues each time the beat drops.

Dazed And Abused In Beverly Hills

Anytime this song ends, I want to fight because why?! It’s such a beautiful and simple song and it only got what? 1 minute, 6 seconds. We need a full version of the song because this goodness deserves more but then again, maybe there’s a poetic story about how the song reflects a fleeting memory of unexpected love? Point is, the song is too short and amazing!

Personally, in the end, every song has something special and listening to it all just gives you a certain experience. Get the album on all streaming platforms here: The Angel You Don’t Know – Amaarae


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