The Music Artiste’s Guide To Getting Your Music Licensed

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Music revenue is essential for music artists to keep going and push their career and music licensing is one of the core ways musicians have been earning royalties for years.

Why get your music licensed?

You’d be surprised at the huge the demand for music in movies, TV shows, video games, commercials and events is which is why licensing your music for royalties is very essential.

Music licensing is also done to ensure that the owner of a song gets duly compensated based on an agreed amount whenever their song is used by someone else for a project. Which means if someone wants to use your song for a public event, that someone will have to get a license giving him/her authority to use your music which will later translate into royalties.

Irrespective of the kind of deal you sign; whether exclusive or non-exclusive, the important thing is, you get to keep the rights to your music.

Now get a pen and pencil…this is the point where you put down some notes.

Whenever you write a song and record it, two copyrights are created: The lyrics and melody that make up the song…the composition, which can be signed away to the publisher AND the recording of the composition which can be signed away to the record label.

Now how do you get your music licensed?

Register with a music licensing company!!

A licensing company is where creatives and companies go to find licensable music for their projects and events. In simple terms, they take you as a client, then help you get music placement deals.

Music licensing companies for Ghanaians include: Apprise, Ditto Music, Yve Digital, No Limited East Ghana.

International music licensing companies: Marmoset, Pond5, Music Vine, Musicbed, Epidemic sound, Artlist.

You can also approach professionals and companies that might need your music for an upcoming project like filmmakers, music supervisors and licensing managers.

The idea is to create a strong network along your journey in the music industry and using this network to push your career. These connections are very helpful as you might easily meet someone who needs your kind of sound for a project.

All the best!

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