Students, This One Is For You: 4 Hacks That Will Keep You From Going Broke In School

The university is the first time that you’re actually on your own. For the first time, you truly have the independence to freely make bad decisions. However, a lot of those bad decisions will leave you broke. Unless of course, you know these hacks.

Fall In Love

Photo by Innoh Khumbuza from Pexels

Go ahead and call me misogynistic but when a woman loves a man, she will cook for him. And you have to understand, in the university, feeding yourself is quite the chore. It can be physically, mentally and financially draining figuring out your next meal.

Get Food From The House, Or Cook

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I mentioned food already, but that’s because it’s in the top 5 reasons why you’re going to find yourself broke in the university. If you’re from Accra attending the University of Ghana, then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be getting free food from the house.

Get Movies From People

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Word on the street is that 2021 university students are going to be getting free internet. Here’s a tip just in case that takes a while to get ready … because Ghana we dey. Copy stuff from people. That way you’re spending less data just streaming content and you’re saving some cash.

Stay In Your Room

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Final tip. You’re less likely to make bad decisions if there are no bad decisions to make. Just stay in your room if you’re trying to save some cash. Money literally leaks outside.



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