5 Things You Shouldn’t Talk About On A First Date

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Physical first dates are very important since you get to know who you’ve been chatting with on a face to face basis. First dates determine whether or not there will be subsequent ones and if it will end up in a full blown relationship. Knowing what to say at dates is very important since it all determines whether or not the relationship will reach somewhere. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date.

1. Your ex

If your new partner asks, just leave whatever you want to say on the surface. Don’t go into details about them otherwise you may come off as bitter or still hung up over them and nobody wants to be used as a rebound.

2. Family issues

Talking about family members and other things that happened in your family is normal but don’t go overboard. Don’t go sharing exclusive details about your family issues on a first date. First dates are supposed to be light and fun. Don’t go and offload your family burdens on another person.

3. Money

Depending on how you come off, you may sound a little “braggy” and a lot of people don’t like others who talk so much about how much they have. It’s off putting and very unpleasant. Don’t do it.

4. Your future together

Once again, it’s just a first date. You’re both just trying to get to know more about each other. This isn’t the time to talk about how ready you are for a marriage and all that.

5. Sexual preferences

Unless you’re entirely sure that your date wants to have sex with you, the conversation about sex and your sexual preference should be avoided at all cost. It makes you look like you just came to the date for sex and makes you seem “cheap.”

Try as much as possible to keep the conversations light. You don’t need to talk about your secrets on a first date. Relax and have fun and just maybe, there will be a another date, and another and another which may probably end up with you being in a proper relationship with them.

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