4 Tips To Get You Working Out While In School

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Working out is the resolution that people always leave undone. Every one feels like they want to work out at a point, but for most, it just remains one of those things that they never get around to doing. The funny thing is, when you’re in the university is one of the best times to start working out. And that’s because of these four tips.

Get A Work Out Budget

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Just setting aside a budget for working out can make you more committed. The Legon Gym is 80 cedis for a semester for all students. You can also budget in the 5 cedis taxi fair from your hall to the gym. Making solid plans makes you more likely to follow though.

Get Your Friends Involved

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When you work out in a group, the motivation is much higher. Everyone wants to be the best at lifting heavy things. Watch your boys do numbers with your dumb bells, and you’re suddenly motivated to prove that you bought it for a reason.

It All Starts With Dumb Bells

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Dumb Bells are very versatile. When you’re thinking about investing in a single piece of equipment, you should probably go with the dumb bells. If you’re a woman, you can fit some lighter weights into your cardio work out.

Get Some Gym Wear

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s not pretend. It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure to just rock some gym clothes that they look good in. It’s like wearing your good decisions for every one to see. Believe that spending some cash on gym clothes will motivate you to get your lazy bum to the gym.

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