Gasmilla Drops An Interesting Music Video For His #BringBackAzonto Song, “Keke”

Gasmilla image via Twitter @Gasmillawins

In April, we all witnessed the rise and fall of the #BringBackAzonto agenda on social media. Azonto sounds were dropped and Gasmilla who made it known that azonto never died but lived in all of his music, dropped a song titled “Keke”.

At that moment, in the heat of the #BringBackAzonto agenda spearheaded by Sarkodie, lots of people called Gasmilla’s Keke “sub-par” and heavily trolled the music. Undeterred, the azonto artiste is back again and this time to reiterate that azonto never died with the music video to his song, Keke.

Keke is truly an entertaining song. Forget the agenda fuelled ridicule that it wasn’t any good. It’s an immediate jam. The Babawvdie-produced beat is actually quite intricate and is the star of the whole show and the Jhey Too Cool-directed video is actually an interesting one. 

Although there wasn’t any familiar azonto dance featured, the video captured different elements of the culture of ‘the streets’: from the kids playing soccer, nightlife in the streets to what even seems like two young adults making it out of well, ‘the streets’.

Watch the video below and anticipate the announcement of his upcoming song, Game Over on 15th December at the end of the video:


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