6 Do’s And Don’t When It Comes To Using Stock Images For Your Marketing

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When it comes to visual content marketing, the costs that go into bringing a brand to life can be expensive. Especially when you’re a small business, you want to pack as much value into as little expenditure as possible. And that’s where stock photos come in. Whether it’s for your marketing moves or even for web content creation, finding the right image can have all the impact. Here are some do’s and don’t when it comes to using stock images.

Do: Use Images That Complement Your Content

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When you’re using stock image services such as PikWizard there are numerous stock images to choose from. Trying to find an image that fits within the context of the content that you’re creating or your marketing campaign is essential to getting the reaction that you want.

Don’t: Feel Like You Have To Use The Entire Image

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Whether you get free stock images or use a premium service to get them, once you have a stock image, you’re usually free to modify it according to the terms of use of the service that you used. So, if there’s a cup of coffee or some other accessory that you don’t want in your stock image, you can simply crop it out.

Do: Use PowerPoint When You Can

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PowerPoint has a simple to use interface for adding content to your stock image. You can add design elements and text to get your photo looking the way that you want it. And then you have the option to export your slide as a single image when you’re done.

Don’t: Overlook Attribution

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When you use free stock images services, some of them require attribution instead of payment for using the images. Adding a caption to the images that you use goes a long way, and saves you from any legal trouble. However, you can always opt for a premium plan where attribution is not required.

Do: Find Stock Photos That Work For You And Your Business

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When you’re using stock images, you have to make sure that the images that you select are relevant to your business and your customers. Inclusive stock image websites like PikWizard and Pexels have a wide range of images that will fit the content that you’re trying to create for your community.

Don’t: Assume All Stock Photos Are Awkward

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

Usually, when you see stock images used in uncomfortable contexts, it can discourage you from using them yourself. However, going through a stock photo website you will discover lots of amazing photos that will fit your every use.

If you’re looking for stock images for your next project, PikWizard has an incredible library of them. They are mostly free, but there is also a wider collection of images available on the site’s premium service.

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