5 Questions To Ask About Old Relationships Before Dating Anyone

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Asking the right questions about the previous relationship and ex is key before you make up your mind to date someone or stay away from them. Some of those questions are below.

1. Has their ex moved on?

Maybe they’re not dating anymore but their ex hasn’t gotten the alert. They may not be involved anymore but their exes haven’t moved on from them. You need to be sure to decide your next move.

2. Did they cheat?

If your partner respects you, they’ll tell you the truth. You need to know to aid in the decision-making process when determining whether or not you want an actual relationship with them.

3. Were they cheated on?

This question is important so you know if they’ve healed themselves and gotten rid of the pain of being cheated on. You need to be sure that you’re not a rebound.

4. What they fought over

This gives you some insight on what went on the previous relationship and helps you understand the stuff your partner likes and what they don’t.

5. How did the relationship end?

I think it’s important to know if the breakup was mutual, violence-free and respectful. It helps you know more about your partner also helps you to confirm their reactions to situations like that.

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