Meet Awo Tsegah—A Woman Whose Art Speaks

Photograph of Artist Sedinam Awo Tsegah

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you might have noticed a set of story stickers dedicated to the 2020 Ghanaian Presidential Election. What you might not know is who designed those stickers. Well, here she is. Awo Tsegah is a career artist who sold her first artwork just after she had written the BECE examination. She’s also a Wesley Girls’ Senior High School alumna, and a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Art Created and Posted on Instagram by Awo Tsegah in Support of #EndSARS Movement

Switching Courses From Science To Visual Arts

Starting from the time that she was a little girl, Awo has had an interest in making art. And that’s hardly surprising considering that her father is also an artist. Awo entered Wesley Girls’ as a Science student. However, she was part of the first batch to take part in the four year SHS program. At Wesley Girls’ that meant that for the first year, all students took all courses.

After entering her first Visual Arts class, Awo was smitten. She was instantly intrigued, and spoke to a teacher about changing to Visual Arts from Science.

The Art That Speaks

According to Awo, the goal of her art is to spread knowledge. She tries not to keep things too playful all the time. There are powerful messages that must be shared, and she can bring attention to those messages through her art (as you can tell from the pieces that are in this article). Her art tackles themes such as politics, corruption, the state of our economy and social justice issues like the End SARS protests in Nigeria.

The DM From Facebook

So, remember the Instagram stickers that we talked about, here’s a short story of how that happened. It was a random Friday night, and Awo received a DM from the Politics and Governance team at Facebook. Two weeks later, and with some back and forth between her and the team that contacted her, and a West African team, Awo’s stickers were ready for Instagram. You can see the full sticker pack in Awo’s Instagram post below.

Awo Tsega is an incredibly talented artist, whose work speaks for itself.

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