Bridget Bema: All You Need To Know About Her And The Viral Video

Bridget Bema is a Kenyan comedienne and content creator

Bridget Bema, a Kenyan girl, recently caught the attention of social media users after a video which she was involved in went viral.

The video shows a teacher calling out the names of students who violated some rules and regulations of the school.

The list included names of noisemakers, later comers, bullies, disobedient students, students who failed to do their duties and those who wore unprescribed school uniforms.

The “stubborn” kids were asked to kneel before their mates.

Bridget Bema was one of them… but interestingly, her name was mentioned for every offence.

The video generated a lot of reactions on social media, as “Bridget Bema” was among Twitter’s top trends for days. The video also reminded a lot of people of their primary school days.

The viral video

A lot of people on social media thought the video was real, but it is a comedy skit.

The man who played the teacher in the video is actually Bridget Bema’s elder brother. Known as YY, he is also a comedian.

About Bridget Bema

Bridget Bema, 9-years-old, is a Kenyan content creator and comedian.

She is regarded as a child comedian in Kenya, and mostly does comedy kits with her elder brother YY.

Most of her comedy skits about education and the interesting experiences of primary school.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, here it is:

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