5 Different Types Of Ladies On Their Period

Guys can never fully understand ladies when it comes to this regard. Once a month, some ladies have to deal with cramps and the numerous mood swings that come along with it. Here are 5 types of ladies when on their periods (some people are a combination of 2 or more in some months).

1. The Angry one

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Everything pisses these ones off and nothing you say will make them feel better; more than half of the time, you’ll just make matters worse. Something which they would have brushed off if it should have happened before/after her period will make her 10 times madder if she is on her period. You just have to let her be until after her period.

2. The ones who are always crying

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They usually don’t know why they are crying. Sad things become 5 times sadder for them and cute things are just so cute when on their period that it makes them cry. If they are happy, trust that you’ll see tears of joy down their cheeks.

3. The horny one

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If you’re not into period sex, it may be a problem for some of the ladies who like it. These ones are always horny during this time and if you don’t want to have sex with them, some of them will take the edge off by masturbating on their own.

4. The one who craves certain stuff

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There are people who crave a lot of different foods when on their period and they’ll be irritated the whole time if they don’t get it. Cravings are normal. The problem starts when you crave sugary stuff during your period when your body knows that taking anything sugary is just suicide because it will make your cramps a thousand times worse.

5. The one who is always in pain

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There are people who feel a slight discomfort before or during their period and that’s that. They can still go ahead and do the things they need to do during the day but there are those with the painful periods who can’t do anything. All they do is to roll on their beds and change positions into ones that will make them feel better. Going to work or class becomes a huge problem for them because they can’t always be asking for days off every month so they go anyways, and get stuff done. True Super Heroes.

Which of these are you? Which ones did we leave out?

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