20 People Talk About Whether Or Not Body Counts Matter In A Relationship

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A body count is the number of people you have sex with. It does not matter how intimate the make out was, or how much “stuff” you have done with someone if there hasn’t been a penetration, it does not count as sex in this context. We asked around to know the take of young people about whether or not body counts matter them. Interestingly, most ladies were not bothered at all by it while most men were the opposite. Here are some of the interesting responses we got.

1. Bryan, 26 years

These days everyone is having sex chale. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I don’t know any of them. It just doesn’t have to be any of my friends, dassor.

2. Simon, 23 years

It matters to me if it’s above 5. I feel like you’ll definitely get attached to at least 2 of them so if anything goes wrong with your partner, you’ll be comfortable to go back to them for solace.

3. Angela, 24 years

Lmao, yes but in a weird way. I don’t want a guy who’s fairly new to the game. Lol. I want someone who knows what he’s doing not someone I have to teach.

4. Daniella, 25 years

To be honest, I don’t care because it was in the past. If I’m attracted to you, it’s not the body count that will stop me please.

5. Martin, 28 years

Me mmom de3 I won’t even ask because most of the answers are not even true. I don’t know and I don’t care. The only girl who told me the truth was counting over 50. I ate my own and moved on.

6. Elsie, 25 years

Naa, body count doesn’t matter to me. Your past is your past, mine too is mine. I don’t even expect us to have that conversation.

7. Vera, 24 years

Your body count doesn’t concern me because the past is not the present. Periodt!

8. Jake, 27 years

So for me, I think it counts especially because I haven’t had that much sex so if she has with quite a number of guys, she would know exactly what she wants, how she wants it and even show me how to enjoy it and that’s very important to me. At the end of the day, if she gets what she wants from me the way she wants it, she’ll stick around.

9. John, 25 years

It doesn’t. What happens in the past, stays in the past. I always stay in the present.

10. Fiona, 26 years

Naaa it doesn’t because we are new every morning. The new cometh and the old goeth. Lmao!

12. Noel, 29 years

It doesn’t matter so much if it’s high. High for me is more than 6.

13. Frank, 27 years

It does to me. It tells me how weak/strong your morals and values are.

14. Juliet, 26 years

Bro, what am I using your body count for? Lmao! Me I don’t mind. Just come and love me and treat me like the baby girl I am.

15. James, 25 years

It matters a little. Anything above 10 will make me feel weird chale.

16. Gwen, 26 years

It does to some extent. If a guy has a body count of about 40+, I will be concerned because I’ll be wondering if I’ll be good enough for him if we plan on getting married. In my mind, he might have had preferences on certain things. Like this person gives good head, this other person is this or that. I’ll be pressured to give him all that or be all that to him unless he’s the type who doesn’t mind being with just one person and is the faithful type, then I won’t have a problem with his body count.

17. Drew, 29 years

It doesn’t matter to me because, those things just don’t matter. I used to at first, but now I just really don’t care.

18. David, 25 years

When I was younger, this topic was a big deal for me but now, it’s really not a priority. There are a lot of virgins with very bad characters so I think it all boils down to how the person’s behaviour is. Body counts are just that. Body counts. Some people may have really high body counts but they’re really interesting and are good people. In fact, I’ve found a correlation between people with high body counts and a high level of maturity and people with low body counts and immaturity, “nkola adwen”.

19. Phoebe, 26 years

I don’t think I’ll mind if the person is free from STIs plus, he shouldn’t expect me to be as skilled as his former partners.

20. Annie, 25 years

Personally, I can tolerate someone with about 5 body counts with good reason. Beyond that number, the circumstances will determine how far we can go.

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