These Will Be 5 Of The Biggest Beauty Trends In Ghana In 2021

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This year has been far from perfect but one thing we all did to cope through these trying times was to adapt. Adapting to change has been paramount in every aspect of our lives and it also affected everything beauty and lifestyle. Since salons everywhere were closed due to COVID, we perfected cutting our own hair, doing simple 5 minutes makeup for zoom calls just to look as professional as we can be, many returned to box dyes and we all tried different types of DIY face masks. 

Since 2020 is almost over (thank God!), let’s take a look at some of the trends that have defined these times and the ones we definitely are carrying into the new year.

1. Skincare

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Skincare has become extremely important and we love the fact that everyone is taking care of their skin the best way possible. During the lockdown where things had to be done by ourselves, a lot of people finally had the time to care well for themselves, including their skin. Due to the wearing of the mask, a number of people have “maskne”; acne or skin irritation that occurs on a person’s face (especially on and around the nose and chin) from regularly wearing a face mask and so they’ve made it a point to invest in good creams, oils and face products to balance the skin.

2. Natural Makeup Looks

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Once again, due to COVID, you don’t have to do the most with your makeup. No more heavy contouring and heavy foundations because it’s only half of your face showing in the mask. Also, when you remove the mask, you don’t want the bottom half of your face being oily and sweaty so natural makeup looks all the way.

3. Passion Braids

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This trend came later this year and we are hoping to see more of it in the coming year. You know how there are passion twists? Yup! These are the braids version and you can only get it with @prettywithoyinka on Instagram. They are long and chunky and just really pretty and no matter the types of hair you have on (whether natural or permed), it still looks good giving you a chic and modern look. We hope to see more ladies rocking this hair in 2021.

4. Lip stains

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Lip stains are great for just about any occasion. You don’t have to worry about a faded smear or sticky residue especially when you’re wearing a mask. There are also several different colours for you to choose from, giving you a fantastic variety. No matter your skin tone, you’re bound to find a colour that enhances your natural beauty. 

5. Dramatic Eyes

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COVID has got us hiding half of our faces so what we have left is to create the drama with our eyes. From all the smoky looks, to the metallic eyeshadows to bold eyeliners, sky high lashes, coloured mascaras and smoldering eyeliners, we expect all the drama with the yes in 2021.

What other beauty trend did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.


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