The Best Thing About The 2020 Elections? We Found Our Christmas Jam

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Every year, Ghanaians are tasked with the herculean search for the most important thing in the year: the perfect December Jam.

You all know Ghanaians love to jam and in December, when we go all out and have fun like our lives depend on it, we need that one song that’s going to get us moving. It needs to have the perfect rhythm to dance as crazily as you want, it must have the right lyrics…the kind you can easily remember, scream with satisfaction and randomly hum as you go about your day.

We found the perfect one: NDC’s campaign song.

Yesterday was proof.

After the EC officially announced that the NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo has won the elections, parties sprung up in the streets (soloku) and the song that was playing everywhere was the opposition party, NDC’s campaign song.

You can’t blame them. The NDC has a track record of giving us the best campaign songs. Remember 2016’s Onaapo? The campaign song has the right ingredients for our December Jam: a detty yourself beat, ridiculous lyrics and a recurring word that will be wedged in your brain forever!

Just listen to it again and look us in the face and say this song is not our December jam. Nana Addo needs to announce it and oh, if you need the lyrics to sing along as well…here you go:

Now let’s jam…


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