Quiz: What Level Of ‘Bridget Bemah’ Are You Capable Of Unlocking?

Bridget Bemah meme
Bridget Bemah meme image via Twitter trending video

For context, watch this video and then start the quiz below!

Which 'postkaya' position did you have in primary school?

Have you ever been punished at assembly?

What description fit you best as a child? (According to most adults)

When someone offended you as a child, what was your usual reaction?

What was your relationship with the "Names of Talkatives" lists in school?

Where would you rather “collect your lashes”?

What was your favourite part of being in Senior High School?

40% - 60%

Once in a while, you tap into your hardness and show people where power lies
75% - 98%

Your hardness level transcends human understanding. You are the true descendant of Bridget Bemah
10% - 20%

Your hardness level is like a drop of water and that's okay. You just don't like trouble.


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