Here Are The Number Of Seats The NPP And NDC Have In Parliament

Ghana's Parliament

The 2020 General Elections is one of the closest elections in the country.

The Presidential elections was a tight race and the parliamentary race was even tighter.

Hours after the polls closed and the results started coming in, both parties claimed to have gained the majority seats in parliaments.

The NDC threw about some numbers and eventually former President John Mahama claimed they have 140 seats.

However, official numbers from the Electoral Commission indicates that no party had the majority of seats in parliament.

Ghana has 275 seats in parliament and to gain a majority, a party needs at least 138 seats in parliament.

New EC numbers indicates that the NPP had 137 seats and the NDC had 136 seats. One of the seats was secured by an NPP-leaning member of parliament and other seat in the Bono East region is in contention.

As it is now, Ghana is looking in the face of what is called a hung parliament.


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