Check Out The Name And Meaning Of Jean Mensa’s Election Declaration Kente

Jean Mensa, Electoral Commissioner

Minutes before and after 6 pm on December 9, 2020, Jean Mensa was the most important humanbeing to more than 30 million Ghanaians.

In a closely contested election, every Ghanaian was waiting with bated breath for her to speak and declare the Presidential results of the 2020 elections, as she is the only person who is allowed by the constitution to do so.

As such, she would be taking center stage for the period she would be on TV to declare the results.

This also put what she was wearing in focus.

Ghana’s own traditional cloth interpreter, who uses the Twitter handle Christ De King, explained to us the name and the meaning being the Kente cloth Jean Mensa chose to wear to declare the results.

Kente is a royal cloth won on special occassions.

According to Christ De King, whose actual name is Enerst Aburam, the Kente cloth Jean Mensa wore is called “Nyankonton” meaning God’s eye or rainbow.

He said this particular cloth signified “beauty and uniqueness.”


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