The Songs On Worlasi And Drvmroll’s DIOS EP…Ranked!

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image of Worlasi and Drvmroll for DIOS EP

Worlasi and Drvmroll released a 6 track joint EP titled DIOS, a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of the projects I have been going back to ever since it dropped. DIOS basically means Did It OurSelves and after listening to the EP, you’d agree with me, the musician and producer are undeniably a great fit.

This is a ranking of the songs on the album, based entirely on my preferences. From Number 6 to my top number 1.

#6 Hibernate ft E.L, Feli Nuna, Kojo Cue, Lil Shaker, Haywaya, Freda Rhymz

Hibernate is my least favourite song on the project. I keep saying Worlasi is a badass HipHop hook-er? … I find myself getting distracted listening to this song. Honestly, after EL’s verse, I zone out till Kojo Cue’s verse. And the just goes on FOREVERRR… It’d definitely take some time to grow on me.

#5 Guinness

Guinness is such a carefree I’m just chilling song. It’s good vibes and describes a perfect good vibes hangout. The production and vocals are all so lax…almost like the duo want to project the feeling that comes with being slightly tipsy on alcohol. Everything reflected that down to Worlasi laughing loudly and freely in some parts of the song.

#4 Kilode ft Wes7ar

Kilode was released before the EP release and for me, it’s the vocals of Wes7ar that makes the song everything. You hear his voice and you know it’s smooth but then he gets to “gradually gradually” then you just know that voice can do so much more.

#3 Amazon

So I particularly love Amazon because it captures the mood of the song. Worlasi is singing about people going about their business at a time where a major climate crisis was happening: the Amazon rainforest burning. Worlasi’s soft vocals reflect the mood of the people…the carefree attitude in the middle of the crisis…for some reason that makes the song even more enjoyable.

#2 House Party

It’s the way the song starts softly and slowly builds up till you’re just dancing around and having a good time. I think it’s a very beautiful song.

#1 Libilibi

If you didn’t know, this song is about sex. The way I feel about Libilibi is like love at first sight lol. What an intro! I love the energy that comes with the song and the Drvmroll production is just…chef’s kiss! It’s an extremely interesting production, and I love the way it never gets boring. One minute it’s just drums then the next, there’s a trumpet infusion…it’s exciting!

Get the DIOS EP on all streaming platforms here: DIOS EP and on Boomplay and Aftown


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