5 Types Of People You Need To Avoid At A Ghanaian Family Event

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I don’t know about you but family events are just a LOT especially when it’s your family that’s hosting. The preparation and cooking alone is a headache not to talk of the clean up afterwards.

Now that Christmas is coming, there’s a good chance that a family event will also be on its way and while we will be trying hard to avoid being given too much work to do, we will be actively trying to avoid certain family members.

1. The aunties who keep asking when you’ll marry

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These ones, no matter how much you hide, they’ll find you so the trick is to let them find you at a secluded place when it’s just the 2 of you so both of you don’t create a scene. If she asks this and you try to give her a cheeky answer in front of other elderly people, they’ll include your parents into the situation and talk about how they didn’t train you well and how maybe, it’s part of the reason you’re still single.

2. The one who’s always talking about your weight

If you’re slim, they’ll complain about it; talking about how you should eat more and the medicine you should take to help you eat more if you have no appetite. If you’re big too, you will not rest since you’ll be the target of all their mean fat jokes. If you take offence, they’ll try to discredit your feelings with “but we’re just joking.”

3. The overachieving cousin

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This one is very young but she skipped a number of classes and so she graduated from the University with you so she thinks she can rub shoulders with you. She and her parents can’t stop going on and on and on about her achievements and it makes you feel like you’ve done nothing with your life. You don’t need all that bad energy; avoid them at all cost.

4. The children who see you as Santa Claus

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They think you have a lot of money and can spoil them because you bought all of them something small the last time you met. Don’t they have parents? They should go and hassle them for money not you. Avoid these parasites otherwise your December money will finish. Also remember that January is 3 months so you need to save.

5. Family members who expect you to remember them

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This is especially annoying when the last time you apparently met each other, you were a baby. How are you to remember them now? They’ll describe the period where y’all met into detail hoping you remember at all cost. Please avoid them; there’s no time for that.

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