5 Things You Should Have In Common With Your Partner

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It is said that opposites attract and people have flaunted their relationships on social media where both parties are stark opposites but have still managed to make it work. While this is true, the bottom line is, they have things they have in common which manages to make the relationship work. Here are some 5 things you need to have in common, no matter what.

1. Future plans

Do both of you want to get married? Do you even want kids? If you do, how many? It’s imperative that as a couple, you both share the overall picture of how you want your lives to unfold when it comes to lifestyle, finances and spirituality among others.

2. Core values

No matter how different you are, at the bottom line, both of you should have the same core values. You should respect each other, be responsible, try to improve yourself regularly, have self discipline and be honest towards each other among other things. Once your core values are the same, no matter how different both of you are on the surface, your relationship will stand the test of time.

3. Sense of Morality

This is very important even before you make it official that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend so you know you’re on the same track. If you discover that your morals don’t line up with that of your partner, and it’s something you deem to be ‘major,’ then it may well be advisable to let that relationship go.

4. Attitude towards sex

Being with someone who doesn’t want to do the stuff you like in the bedroom is going to be a problem especially if you’re a sexual person. You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to even talk about sex when you want to know what they like and what they don’t. If there’s a sex drive issue you people can’t work with, it will become even worse in the future so you may have to nip it in the bud.

5. Ability to compromise

One person can’t be doing all the compromising. If that happens, the other partner is just taking advantage of them. Your partner should be able to compromise on little little things to make you happy and vice versa. A compromise shows that you have a common goal in mind: a healthy partnership, rather than your own singular happiness at heart.

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