The Woman Behind Your Successful Voting Process — Jean Mensa

Photograph of Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission via BBC

One of the most common reactions to voting on election day was the shock with how little time the entire process took. Some people reported being able to cast their vote and leave the polling station in all of five minutes. But don’t just take our word for it:

Jean Adukwei Mensa was appointed as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission in 2018 after her predecessor was removed from office. Jean Mensa is a Harvard Business School Alumni, and has a had a career developing policy that reflects international best practice but are also tailored to Ghana’s needs.

Although her appointment was initially met with criticism, on election day, there were commendations from all over on the work the EC did in organizing the 2020 elections.

Have you voted already? Share your experience with us in the comments below. Tell us how long it took.



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