5 Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t Worth Saving Anymore

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Even the strongest couples fight but if you’re always arguing with your partner, it can even lead to depression. Your partner shouldn’t be a constant source of stress, hurt feelings or resentment. Here are 5 signs that your relationship isn’t worth saving anymore.

1. You’re being abused

If your partner abuses you either physically, mentally or emotionally, you need to get out of that. It’s not worth trying to save them especially if they do it repeatedly.

2. You’re the only one fighting for the relationship

You always know it when you’re the only one in the relationship. They don’t text or call and when you do, they act like they’re busy. They don’t want to hang out with you. When you try talking to them it feels like you’re talking to yourself. Please leave. Your sanity is important.

3. Most conversations turn into fights

For some odd reason, this always happens. The conversations start nicely but there’s always a twisted turn on the road that always leads to both of you arguing. Expressing your individual thoughts is healthy, but finding yourself fighting over little things really often is not.

4. Your partner always dismisses your concerns

It’s really unfair if your partner doesn’t listen to how you feel about the things happening between both of you or even personal stuff. Your partner dismissing your concerns is not an encouraging sign and if this keeps going on, you may need to end it. You deserve to be with someone who listens to what you say.

5. Your partner is dragging you down

One of the benefits of being in a relationship is having another person by your side supporting your work, giving you ideas, helping you out physically, mentally and emotionally. If your partner is doing the opposite, you may have to end the relationship. If there’s no growth happening between both of you, end it.

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