Quiz: Which Kind Of “Akola Boni” Snapchat User Are You?

Fela Kuti as a meme//image via Last FM

What do you think about sending nudes?

via elle.com

You get to hang out with one of these. Who are you choosing?

via giphy

Where are you most Friday nights?

via giphy

What's your favourite thing to do on Snapchat?

via tech crunch

Pick a fruit!

fruits photo via goodhousekeeping.com via goodhouskeeping

What would you rather smoke?

via we heart it

What would you rather drink?

via upperkut

The exhaust pipe

Shisha? weed? cigarettes??? Wherever there's smoke, your face is revealed
The Korensani (Drunk)

If it's not just you and your wine, or spirit, it's you and your friends with a ton of bottles getting lit!
The thirst trapper

Your Snapchat is everyone's favourite! 6 pac ripped body showoffs, twerk marathons, cleavage views...you love to flaunt what you got!


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