Quiz: How Well Do You Know Ghana’s Heads Of State?

Ghanaian Heads of State, former and sitting, via GH Headlines

Who is the longest-serving president of Ghana?

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The shortest-serving term of a Head Of State was for how long?

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Nii Amaa Ollennu served as the acting President of Ghana during the Second Republic from 7 August 1970 to 31 August 1970

Edward Akufo Addo (Nana Addo's dad) was all of these except one

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He was a member of the Big 6 and later became president between 1970–72

Which of these Heads Of State resigned as president?

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Who was the Head of State between 1957–1960?

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The Queen was Head of State until Ghana became a republic

Which of these Heads Of State was executed by firing squad?

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