Here’s Why Lydia Forson Is Voting Today

Lydia Forson, Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer

This year’s election, there is a 13th candidate on the ballot paper – the no vote.

There is a campaign to get Ghanaians to sit out the election and withhold their vote.

The argument is that it will demonstrate a rejection of the current political system we have.

Though some of them have tried – they are not going to convince Lydia Forson to withhold her vote.

Yesterday, she took to Twitter to explain why she will be voting today in spite of all that is wrong with our democracy.

“I recognize that the Ghana I want may not happen in my lifetime; but I know I can be part of the foundation to get us there,” she wrote.

“This is why I’m voting; not for my own interest but for what Ghana needs,” she said.

Her argument goes to support the assertion that if you want to fix something, you need to be a part of the process that shapes and not look on and complain while you do nothing to fix what you say is broken.

Being truthful to her words, Lydia Forson has voted today.

She shared the images on her Twitter and explained that she didn’t spend more than 15 minutes at her polling station.

If you are a registered voter, it is your duty to vote.

Let your voice be heard today.


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