Instagram Partners With Awo Tsegah To Launch Stickers For December 7 Polls

Ghanaian artist Awo Tsegah (image via Facebook/Nubuke Foundation)

Ahead of December 7 polls, Instagram is partnering with Ghanaian artist, Awo Tsegah, to create four Story stickers for users in Ghana.

Inspired by Ghana’s vibrant national colours and history, these stickers will be available on the platform on election day.

The unique stickers are designed to celebrate Ghana’s democracy while urging users to participate in the electoral process and visit the official website of the Election Commission (, to get accurate information on the election.

How it works:

  • Instagram users in Ghana can select the sticker from the Story tray, then tap it to view the different designs.
  • They can toggle the sticker to position it however they want.
  • When other users view their story, they will receive a prompt directing them to the Election Commission’s website.

Click here to download or view the stickers

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source: GSB

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