Shoot Amazing YouTube Videos On Your Phone With These Tips

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Hello guys, and welcome to our YouTube channel! Kidding. But we are in a time that is rich with YouTube creators. There are so many interesting channels filled with premium Ghanaian content popping up every now and then. So, of course, we are here with some tips to help make your YouTube content even better. And if you have been thinking about creating YouTube content, this article will make you realize that it’s not that hard.

Use The Selfie Camera To Set Up Your Shot

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Before you start shooting your YouTube video, check you environment with the selfie camera. Turn the selfie camera on, put yourself in the shot and walk around the room to see where you can shoot from in order for it to look the best.

Get Some Gear Essentials

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Although a lot of YouTubers start out with just their phones, there are some accessories that will raise the quality of your content. For example, instead of placing your phone on a stand of books to record, you can get a mini tripod instead. Microphones and an overhead light are also great additions to improve the quality of your content.

Use The Back Camera For Your Videos

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When you’re shooting for YouTube, it’s more advisable to shoot with your back camera. Although you lose the ability to see yourself, the improvement in video quality is well worth it. Besides, you can always do a test shot to make sure that video and audio are exactly what you want.

If You’re Using Selfie Mode, Don’t Look At Yourself

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If you decide that you’re more comfortable shooting with your selfie camera, there is one mistake that you want avoid. That is, looking at yourself instead of the lens. When you look at yourself, viewers can tell. And your content is so much more engaging when you look into the lens because it simulates eye contact with your audience.

Plan Out Your Content First

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Before you’re even ready to begin shooting, you should have planned out your content. That means that you should have an idea of what you’re going to say. You want to be comfortable with the information that you’re trying to put out even before the camera starts recording.

Hopefully you picked up a tip or two that will help with your own YouTube content. Happy Creating!



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