12 People Talk About What They Want To Achieve Before They Get Married

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For most, marriage is supposed to be a forever union with their partners and so prior to that ceremony, they want to achieve a number of things.

We had a chat with 12 people and they spoke about the number of boxes they need checked before they got married to their partners.

1. Elsie, 24 years

I need financial stability before I decide to get married to anyone. I have to be established in my career and need to fully grasp the idea of sharing my life and committing myself to a man. I need to have attended enough prayer, sermons and teachings about marriage to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

2. Nicolas, 25 years

I need to be financially stable chale. Reeaally stable! Money oo money! Asa! Nothing else.

3. Victor, 24 years

I need to have a house, a car, money and a well paying job before I even think of marriage.

4. Vera, 27 years

I should be able to foot the bills for all my looks for the wedding and it’s really not easy especially with my taste so if I can’t afford it yet, I ain’t ready.

5. Angela, 25 years

It’s the money oo. That’s the biggest thing for me. Do I have enough money to get married? Plus compatibility healthwise. That’s also very important to me.

6. Edward, 27 years

I need financial stability first of all and make sure I have the right partner. I need to also have my focus in check.

7. Richard, 28 years

I just need to be in a good place mentally, physically and “moneylly”. Lol! The money is very necessary.

8. Oscar, 27 years

I need money chale. I need to have a place to live and be able to provide adequately for my new family. I have to be mentally prepared for this new chapter and I need to choose the right person as well.

9. Mariana, 25 years

First things first, I need to be financially stable. Also, I need a partner who’s understanding, someone who’s laidback and easygoing and someone who sees the beauty in celebrating small moments. There needs to be a physical attraction between the 2 of us. And oh! He must be taller than me.

10. Jeremy, 24 years

I need money chale. That’s first. Also, I need to reach a satisfied level of Education and also make sure that our health compatibility is perfect.

11. Kenneth, 25 years

I need to have a stable job, side business, good and supportive girlfriend (who will become my wife), money and a stable mental health. I don’t want to be rushing for money when in the marriage because it comes with it’s own set of responsibilities.

12. Angelina, 26 years

It’s 3 things for me. Financial stability, emotional stability and finally spiritual stability. I need these 3 in check before I decide to marry anyone.

So what about you? What are some of the things you need to check before you get married? Let us know in the comments section.

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