Sonnie Badu Exposes A Scammer Exploiting His Name

Sonnie Badu
Sonnie Badu

Scammers are impersonating everybody now.

They pretend to be would be love interests or business partners and cheat unsuspecting individuals.

Now they are pretending to be men of God who have seen visions about people.

No. this is not a fake man of God, this is someone impersonating a well known man of God to take money from victims.

Gospel musician and founder of the American-based Rockhill Church, Sonnie Badu has sounded an alarm on a YouTube account pretending to be him.

The account that has been set up in his name has been leaving comments on YouTube telling people that he has seen revelations of people’s blessings trapped by spiritual attacks.

The account then asks them to make a donation to a charity based in Nigeria for his help to unlock the said blessings.

However, using his verified Instagram account, Sonnie Badu said that is not him.

“There is a bold person from Nigeria sending messages to people in my name on YouTube,” he said.

“Please report immediately and DO NOT Fall for it. This act of SCAM must stop,” he added.

Don’t fall for online scam. Make sure you have double checked before you send your money or personal details to anybody online.


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