Australian High Commissioner Gregory Andrews Thanks Ghanaians For Their Well Wishes In Twi

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews hugging his dog, Kofi (image via Facebook/AustralianHighCommissionGhana)

The main job of an ambassador or in the case of the Commonwealth, High Commissioner is to ensure that the bilateral relations between their country and their host country keeps growing.

To achieve that, various actions are taken.

Everyone has their own approach and the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana Gregory Andrews is definitely taking the ingratiation approach.

He has criscrossed the country, eaten our food, even held a poll on whether to keep the name of the dog he inherrited.

The dog is called Kofi and some Ghanaians thought it was not right for the dog to be called by that name, they lost the poll though and Kofi the dog kept his name.

Gregory has been unwell and he has been seen in official photographs walking with the aid of clutches and sometimes in a wheelchair.

Back in November, Gregory announced that he tore a leg muscle while exercising and since then Ghanaians have been sending him their wellwishes.

Grateful Gregory thank them in Twi yesterday in a Facebook post.

“Nnipa bebree akae me mpaebɔ mu sɛ me nan no bɛyɛ yie. Meda mo nyinaa ase wɔ ɔdɔ a moa da adi akyerɛ me. Kofi titri’w akyerɛ me ɔdɔ bebree,” he wrote.

It means a lot of people have remembered him in their prayers that his leg will be healed. “I thank all of you for the love you have shown me. Kofi, especially has shown me a lot of love,” he wrote.

Get well soon Mr High Commissioner.


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