5 Simple But Effective Makeup Tips For Harmattan

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The harmattan season is accompanied with dull dry skin and chapped lips because of the weather. Since there are different makeup “rules” for different seasons so you can achieve the most out of the products you’ve bought, we decided to compile some tips for you.

1. Moisturize your face

I don’t know if you’re part of the people that skip moisturizers before applying your makeup but in Harmattan, you cannot afford to look like a white walker. Please moisturize before you apply any makeup product.

2. Use a primer

Due to how dry the weather gets, you have to prep your dry skin. Go for a luminous primer and not a matte one.

3. Use a hydrating foundation

You may have to switch your matte foundation to a hydrating one because matte foundations may make your skin look patchy. Hydrating foundations will provide more coverage during Harmattan.

4. Reduce the eye makeup

You already know how Harmattan gets with the dusty roads and wind blowing sand and dust into our eyes. If where you’re going doesn’t require you to apply eyeshadow, mascara or even falsies, then try to let your eyes be so when dust falls into your eyes you can rub it in peace.

5. Less lipstick, more gloss

Coloured cracked lips do not look good on anyone. Apply gloss or lip balms so your lips are hydrated and do not get cracked in the dry weather. Also, carry your lip balm or lip gloss along with you so you can reapply when necessary.

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