5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

couple in love Source: dreamstime.com
couple in love Source: dreamstime.com

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to sex and what makes partners happy in bed, there are some tweaks you can make that will help both you and your partner get the most out of your sex life.

1. Failing to repeat sexual wishes

Women tend to mention what they want in bed once and that’s it. Sex is for both of you to enjoy so if you need to remind him so you get your orgasm, why not?

2. Subtle initiation

A lot of women are shy to actually say that they want sex or talk about the foreplay they want to do. They tend to give subtle hints about what they want but usually, it goes over men’s heads. Men also want to be desired so go ahead and tell him how much he turns you on or how much you want him. If your words fail you, go ahead and touch him intimately so he knows without a doubt that that is what you want.

3. You expect him to do all the work

You may not want to ride but even when you’re underneath him, you can still do stuff that keeps turning him on over and over again like nibbling on his ears or giving him soft kisses, tightening your pelvic floor muscles so he can feel you tightly around his manhood and the likes. Sex and foreplay involves both of you and so do something!

4. Worrying about your body

More than half of the time, men are much more excited that there’s a real life woman in front of them but ladies are usually thinking about how “terrible” their bodies are. We tend to focus on the wrong things especially when having sex with someone new for the first time. We tend to pick apart our bodies; we think about our stretch marks, our big stomachs or generally how skinny or fat we think we are but once we come out of our heads, it’s easier to enjoy the present and how good everything feels.

5. You fake it

There’s no reason why if you’ve not reached an orgasm, you should fake it so your partner will feel good about himself. If you fake it once, chances are, your partner will keep making those moves on you thinking that’s what you like meanwhile it does nothing for you. If your man isn’t getting you there, you need to let him know.

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