The Voting Process Explained In 9 Simple Steps

Polling station

This Monday, registered Ghanaian voters will be voting for various Presidential and Parliamentary candidates.

The winners of this election will chart a course for Ghana’s development for the next four years.

As first time voters, many young people will be determining the outcome of the election.

A total of 15% of the entire eligible voters are first time voters.

With many expects calling this election one of the closely contested election, the voice of first time voters are very essential.

For your voice to be heard, you have to show up at your polling station and vote.

Below is the voting process explained in 5 easy steps:

1. First, you have to join a queue if any.

2. Approach the first table ( Name Reference List Officer) for your name to be located in the Voters Register.

3. Next, go to the Verification Officer for you to be validated by the Biometric Verification Device.

4. Move to the Ballot Issuer for the Presidential Ballot paper. Make sure it has a validating stamp as well as the serial number.

5.Go to the booth to mark the presidential candidate of your choice. Remember to fold it vertically then horizontally.

6. Proceed to the ballot box to cast your vote.

7. Go to the Ballot Issuer for the Parliamentary Elections for the Parliamentary Ballot paper. Make sure it has a validating stamp as well as serial number

8. Again proceed to the polling booth to cast your vote.

9. Leave the polling station quietly.

Do your best to ensure a peaceful election. It is a shared responsibility.


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