5 Tips You Desperately Need Before Taking Lunch To Work

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When you put together all the money that you spend on lunch at work every day, it can really add up to a lot. One thing that a lot of people think about but are never able to follow through on is taking lunch to work everyday. Well, Twitter user @readJerome did go through with it. In fact, he took lunch to work everyday for two months. And there is a lot to learn from his experience, if you are considering going down the same path.

Have A Trial Run

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Taking lunch to work to everyday will be an adjustment if you’re used to buying lunches at work everyday. The best way to get used to all the parts of the process is to give it a trial run before you commit to the decision. This will give you a chance to realize the little things that you might have a problem with. A trial helps in figuring out your cooking process, and other logistics.

Get Some Reusable Bowls

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One thing that will save you a whole lot of stress when you start taking lunch to work is getting some reusable bowls that come with a seal. This will allow you to dish out your meals for the week and just keep in them in the freezer. Additionally, you want to make sure that each meal uses as few bowls as possible. That means that you won’t have any extra dishes to wash at night.

It’s Better To Have Too Little Than Too Much

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One thing that you’ll want to keep in mind when you start taking lunch to work is that taking too much food can be uncomfortable. When you take more food than you can eat, you have to find a place to discard what’s left. Or you have to carry what’s left back home with you. Both of those scenarios can be uncomfortable.

Have Meals Packed As Ready-To-Go As Possible

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Trying to dish out your meal for the day everyday can be unsustainable. It can take a lot of time each morning and that will be demotivating in the long run. What you can do each day is pack your meals into bowls so that when you grab a bowl in the morning, you’re just ready to go.

Be Disciplined But Flexible

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One thing about committing to a decision like this is that if you start skipping days just because you don’t feel like it, it won’t work. What you can do instead is assign yourself a day when you’re allowed to skip. That way you’re being flexible, but you’re not breaking patterns in a bad way.

Hopefully, these tips help on you with fixing your own lunches for work.

Source: Ceditalk.com


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