5 Relationship Red Flags Every Man Should Look Out For

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Relationships are a lot of work as it involves 2 people actively trying to make it work. A lot of people ignore red flags even though they’re usually staring right at them because they’re blinded by love. If you’re a guy and entering into a new relationship, here are some red flags you should definitely pay attention to.

1. She maltreats people who serve her

It’s simple decency to treat everyone from waitresses to cleaners to everyone, no matter their roles in with the utmost decency they require. Nobody has to be big before you respect them. The way an individual treats strangers is usually an indication of that person’s empathy, social conscience, and maturity of moral thinking.

2. She never apologizes

Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions and so if they do something wrong, they must apologize. They shouldn’t switch things up and make it seem like its your fault and in the end, you end up apologizing when you didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to spend a long time arguing with her trying to convince her about how wrong she is. That’s toxic.

3. She doesn’t share your core values

No matter how in love both of you are, if you don’t share the same core values, it will end in tears… once you’re past the honeymoon phase of your relationship. If you share the same beliefs, it will make both of you feel safe, comfortable, inspired, passionate, and connected to each other.

4. You can’t stand any of her friends

This is a problem because most of the time, our friends reveal the type of people we are which emphasizes the saying, Birds of a feather flock together. If you can’t stand her friends because of some attitudes they portray, there’s a chance that your girl is also exhibiting the same characteristics but because you’ve fallen head over heels, you don’t mind.

5. She expects to be treated like a princess

See, run from these ones. They come with some wild expectations and demands. They want to be taken care of, expect that their needs come before yours and expect to go through life sitting on clouds because you’re the one who is going to do the hard work. They want you to cater for their every need like you’re their parents and have some wild entitlement.

Which of these types of ladies have you encountered? Could you make it work or it ended in tears? Let us know in the comments section.

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