The Key To Being More Productive At Work Is To Stop Working

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You read that right. The key to being more productive at work is to stop working. That’s what pro-leisure science says, anyway. According to this school of thought, spending quality time away from work is the secret to actually increasing your productivity at work.

Leisure Breeds Creativity

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A sleep researcher at the University of California, Sara Mednick, believes rest is gold. According to her, rest allows us to recover our resources. When you engage in meaningful activity like long walks and pursuing hobbies, you can reflect and enjoy bursts of creativity. In fact, as Sara has found, mid-afternoon naps improve alertness and regulate your emotions.

The Line Between Productive Leisure And Slacking Off

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While pro-leisure science advocates meaningful breaks from work, it also warns against simply slacking off. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of pro-leisure science, you can’t just turn of your brain when you’re taking leisure break. That means no lazy lying, Netflix watching and Twitter scrolling. You can pick up an athletic hobby, learn to draw or even work on growing your social media following. These things keep your brain active and creative.

What’s your opinion of pro-leisure science. Are you willing to give is a shot? Leave a comment below.



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