Kwesi Arthur Is Influencing The Next Generation Of Ghanaian Musicians

Kwesi Arthur

Music is a constant in life, however, the people who make it are continuously changing and evolving.

Ghanaian rapper, Kwesi Arthur is one of the successful mainstream musicians we currently have in the country.

At some point, he was also a little known musician just grinding day in day out for his big break.

Now that he has become an award-winning musician, he is inspiring the next generation of musicians who are also currently grinding day in day out for their own big break.

Yaw Tog, who is a young next generation musician has shared how he wanted to be Kwesi Arthur so bad but he later realised the best thing for him is to be himself while maintaining Kwesi’s influences in his life.

He said Kwesi Arthur made him start doing music. “I fell in love with his music,” he said.

“I fell in love with him, the attitude and everything,” he added

Kwesi Arthur, was glad that his influence helped a musician to kick start his career.

He tweeted a video interview of Yaw Tog saying “I didn’t even imagine that this is the impact I would have on my community.”

“Keep grinding my people, you never know who is watching,” Kwesi Arthur added.

Kwesi Arthur could become the godfather for the next musicians who are going to move Ghana to the world.


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