Travis Scott Reveals How He Got Involved With ‘TENET’

Travis Scott Reveals How He Got Involved With 'TENET'

Travis Scott has revealed how his involvement with Ludwig Göransson and Christopher Nolan came together for TENET.

The three detailed the surprising collaboration in a brand new TENET featurette, with Göransson explaining that “The Plan” was born from his desire for a much stronger end credits theme. “I started seeing the movie on the big screen, you know, 10, 15 times, and I felt like the end credits with my music it kind of felt a little anti-climatic to me,” the composer said. “A voice that came to mind was Travis Scott, because I love what he does with his voice, especially the way he treats his voice and makes it sound almost like an instrument.”

Nolan continues to say that they invited the rapper to a private theater showing of the film just to see if he has any input. Scott ended up absolutely loving the film, so Göransson sent him a piece of music from one of the scenes to work on. “I wrote a song kind of just based on these last images in my brain. As soon as I was finished, I just sent it back,” Scott said, and Göransson called his response “incredible.”

“Travis had a tremendous understanding of how the music works film and what Ludwig was trying to do in terms of enhancing the themes and the storytelling of the film with the musical motifs,” Nolan said.

Watch the full TENET featurette below.

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