Know Your Polling Station Officials: The Ballot Paper Issuers

A man casts his ballot in Kyebi, eastern Ghana. (Photograph: Sunday Alamba/AP)

The elections is just in 7 days.

Next week Monday by this time polling stations will be getting ready to close their polls to start counting and announcing of the results.

As a new voter, we have given you information about some of the Electoral Commission officials you will meet at the polling station and the role they are to play in helping your exercise your right to vote.

Today, we are telling you about the two ballot paper issuers you would see after you have been verified as a voter.

The first ballot paper issuer you will meet is the Ballot Issuer for Presidential Ballot Papers.

He or she is the person who will hand you the Presidential ballot paper for you to vote.

The official will detach the presidential ballot paper and stamp it. Make sure your ballot paper is stamped else it will not be counted.

That official will also teach you the right way of folding the ballot paper first vertically and then horizontally; this is to prevent your thump print from printing in another box for another candidate which will cause your ballot paper to be marked as an invalid ballot.

Remember that in case this happens before you drop the ballot paper in the box, you can request for a new ballot paper from the Presiding Officer so that you can do the right thing and ensure that your vote is counted.

The official will also teach you how to drop the ballot paper in the ballot box.

After casting your presidential vote, you will then proceed to the official who is also issuing the parliamentary ballot papers.

This official will also walk you through the process just as the person who gave you the presidential ballot paper did.

After you cast your vote, leave the polling station. You can return after 5pm when counting will begin after the last person in the queue at 5pm casts their vote.


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