EC Creates ‘Missing Names List’ For Registered Ghanaians Not On Electoral Roll

An Electoral Commission Official verifying a voter (image: Peter Lewenstein/BBC)

Electoral Commission Creates ‘Missing Names List’ For Registered Ghanaians Not On Electoral Roll

The Electoral Commission (EC) says it has made provision for registered Ghanaians whose names are not on the electoral roll to vote on Election Day.

Outside the certified voters register which has in excess of 17 million voters, 830 persons who successfully registered could not find their names on the register.

These persons have been put on a missing names list and are spread across 338,622 polling stations.

They will, however, be allowed to vote using manual verification.

Of the 830 persons, 542 were inadvertently omitted from the register.

The Commission says it identified the anomaly after a thorough audit of the register reconciling the end of day registration reports with the figures contained in the register.

The end of day report contains the actual number of voters registered by the close of each registration day.

Also, on the missing names list are 233 registered voters who were initially placed at the wrong polling stations.

The list also contains 55 persons who upon the audit were placed under the exceptions list but have successfully challenged their status at the High Court.

The Chairperson of the Commission, Jean Mensa, earlier said the problem of missing names was mainly due to unintentional human and administrative errors.

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