First Time? 5 Tips All New Brides Should Take Note Of On Their Wedding Night

You’ve probably been looking forward to this night all your adult life and we are here rooting for you! Having sex for the first time can be a strange experience but we are here to give you tips that will make everything go on smoothly.

1. Don’t let your partner rush into penetration

It will do neither of you good if you aren’t wet enough to lubricate the process plus you’ll end up hurting yourself. Engage in foreplay; take your time to kiss, lick and touch each other adequately so penetration is easier.

2. Relax

It might not seem to be much but relaxing and allowing yourself feel everything that’s happening will help make the sex an easier process. The more tense you are, the harder it is for you to get wet resulting in you not enjoying it.

3. Use lube

Megan Madden/Refinery29/Getty Images

Especially because you’re going to be tight down there, lubrication makes penetration much easier and enjoyable.

4. Lower your expectations

Most of us have watched romantic movies and read all about sex in those romance novels but the truth is that sex can be a little more complicated than that. We’ve built it up so much in our heads that we expect our first times to be mind blowing and earth shattering but it can be the direct opposite of what you expect. It will get better but sometimes, that first time can be trash.

5. It might hurt and you may not bleed

A number of women have described their first times as painful; they had to power through the sex because they knew eventually it would get better. We aren’t saying this to scare you but it’s better to anticipate the pain than to get caught by surprise.


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