What Employers Get Wrong When Contacting Candidates

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Imagine that a random number sends you a text on WhatsApp. You’ll obviously want to know who it is before you can have a conversation. But somehow, in Ghana, employers (or their agents) can just send you a text without introducing themselves, and expect you to be professional the whole time. Even though employers may hold all the power on the Ghanaian job market, here is some etiquette that employers should follow when reaching out to candidates.

Call, Don’t Send A WhatsApp Message

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When an employer wishes to contact a candidate, texting them should not be the go-to. They can simply call the candidate, because reaching out to them through their WhatsApp can be invasive. Especially in a climate where women have to deal with strangers texting them and making advances.

If You Have To Text, Do It Like This

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When you’re sending someone a message for the first time, and it’s for professional reasons, this is how your first message to them should look:

  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Reason for getting in touch and,
  • Conclusion.

Texting a stranger for the first time, even if that person is an employee candidate, without introducing yourself is just bad manners.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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