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Elton John owned an English football club. What's the name of the club?

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He was twice the owner Watford.

Jose Mourinho lived in a hotel throughout his time as manager of Man Utd. What's the name of the hotel?

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Mourinho paid around $1,040 per night to stay in one of The Lowry's "Riverside suites", according to the Manchester Evening News

Which former Chelsea manager has competed in the Dakar Rally?

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The Dakar Rally is an annual rally raid organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation. Andre Villas-Boas participated in the competition in 2018.

Which former German footballer went on to become a professional wrestler in the WWE?

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After hanging his boots, the former Werder Bremen goalkeeper decided to try himself in a different sport – wrestling. He joined the WWE in 2014 and made his professional debut in 2016.

Which Spanish club is nicknamed "Los Clochoneros", which translates to English as "The Mattress Makers"?

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Atletico Madrid are nicknamed "The Mattress Makers" because the stripes in their home shirts resemble a traditional pattern on Spanish mattresses.

Which Ballon d'Or-winning footballer had a galaxy named after them in 2015?

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The name of the galaxy, Cosmos Redshift 7 (CR7), was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also popularly known as CR7

Which footballer had a clause inserted into his Premier League contract that prevented him from travelling into space?

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When Stefan Schwarz signed for Sunderland in 1999, the club inserted a "Space Clause" that stated that if he were to travel into space his contract would become wholly invalid, after it was revealed that he had a ticket to a commercial space flight.

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