You’ll Want To Sue Your Teachers For Not Teaching You These Mind-Blowing Math Tricks

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First of all, why are you reading an article about math? Get a life. Also, if you’re still reading this, I promise you’re in for the best thing ever! These math tricks are so absurd that they will blow your mind, and that’s a guarantee.

Finding A Percentage Of Any Number

Multiplying By Nine

Multiplying by nine, math trick

Here’s one you definitely didn’t know. When you’re multiplying by 9, you can just use your hands. If you’re multiplying by 3, you put your third finger down just like the picture above. Then you count the fingers on the left of the one that you put down, and that’s the first number of your answer. After you count the fingers on the right, and that’s the second number of your answer. Go ahead. Try it out.

Multiplying By 11

  1. Separate the two digits in your mind. So if it’s 34 x 11, just keep 3_4 in your head.
  2. Add the two digits together.
  3. Then the sum between the two digits. That works for a lot of numbers, but if the sum is greater than 9, put the last digit in the space and carry the first digit.

It sounds complicated at first, but it really isn’t. Here are some examples that make this trick feel like magic.

Examples: 72 x 11 = 792.

57 x 11 = 5 _ 7, but 5 + 7 = 12, so put 2 in the space and add the 1 to the 5 to get 627

Memorizing Pie

To remember the first seven digits of pi, count the number of letters in each word of the sentence:

“How I wish I could calculate pi.”

“How” is 3 letters and so on. So this becomes 3.141592.

If all this mathing made you hungry, maybe you should call a Fan Yogo seller and get an actual. Haha math joke. Haha I’m sorry. Leave a comment if you picked up anything.



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